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Magic Pond Yoga
 Raja Yoga is the complete thousands of years old classical Yoga Training, of which Hatha Yoga is the basis.

First you align your being with Hatha Yoga, and then you can develop it further with Raja Yoga. 

Raja Yoga encompasses all types of Yoga, and is therefore the ideal preparation for any Yoga teacher.

Magic Pond Yoga School offers you the well-tried, complete classical Yoga education in Royal or Raja Yoga structured in the following manner.

- A thorough Basic Course: for beginners (total of 40 classes), followed by:

- The 3-module Teacher's Course: (total of 120 classes) for those looking for in-depth knowledge.

Some people enter the Basic Raja Yoga course after having experienced Hatha Yoga and feeling a need for deepening it. However, the course can be started without prior experience. The basic course will provide you with a solid practical and theoretical foundation in Yoga, offering you more knowledge and insight than many a teacher/instructor in fact has. If upon completion you desire deepening your practice and insight you can register for the highly sophisticated teacher’s course.

The training is mainly practically oriented, and contains lots of exercises.

The theoretical background is based on fundamental Sanskrit scriptures and the methods of the old seers (Rishi’s), as it has been in true Yoga schools since time immemorial: by realization of certain unconscious aspects every person can discover his true Self, and come in contact with higher levels of consciousness.

The contents may be very orthodox, but we use a special approach, where the emphasis lies on personal freedom and making your own choices. Only due to these elements is the growth of your mind possible. The chance of reaching Self-realization is offered, and maybe even mastery is possible. Care is taken to create an open, inviting, challenging and participative atmosphere.

The combination of the orthodox content and unorthodox approach has rendered an invigorating result: Yoga is no longer a rigid discipline, but alive and fascinating; it allows people to develop themselves in a concrete way.

Magic Pond Yoga School makes use of the newest discoveries in the field of energy control (Pranayama). After a thorough investigation, namely of the old Sanskrit texts, the hidden meaning has been ascertained of what has formerly been called breath control exercises. It turns out that Pranayama has nothing to do with breathing, as is confirmed by Swami Vivekananda and Alice Bailey. Pranayama is a system of techniques, which direct energy mentally.

Upon comparing the effects of both approaches it is clear that the effects of the "new" energy control exercises are impressive, and for the first time, in accordance with the descriptions in the original scriptures: the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the Gheranda Samhita and the Shiva Samhita. The body becomes more pure, healthier, and stronger, diseases are successfully eliminated, and the quality of concentration, meditation and contemplation improve markedly.

The complex of techniques and methods mentioned above, and our typical approach have all been tried for years. Dozens of teachers, and hundreds of students guarantee the unique quality of this Raja Yoga Course.

We believe that a person should set to work on himself systematically if he wishes to develop. The physical, moral, emotional, vital, mental, and spiritual powers which one can use in his being are inseparably connected.

Growth in any one power alone leads to imbalance of the whole, unless you adapt adequately to the new situation. Therefore there are eight clear, consecutive steps to raise the consciousness slowly but surely to the highest spiritual levels.

The ages old Raja Yoga training is based upon these eight steps:

1) Moral principles (Yama's):

First you stop all existing habits in the areas of violence, lies, theft, unchaste behavior, and desire. By refusing principally, you create time to think and choose a standpoint. You acquire a lot of peace by doing this.

2) Moral ideals (Niyama’s):

Consecutively you can lay a solid base in your life by purity, contentment, austerity, studying the Holy scriptures, and surrendering to the Almighty.

3) Physical postures (Asana’s):

Now you can achieve and maintain physical health, power, and flexibility by physical postures.

4) Energy control (Pranayama):

Because your energy channels have been cleaned for the most part by the previous exercises, you can, by controlling the flow of energy, achieve a dramatic increase in vitality and power.

5) Detachment (Pratyahara):

Aforementioned practice results in increased sensitivity on sensual and motor levels, so withdrawal or detachment becomes a real necessity to keep emotional and mental peace.

6) Concentration (Dharana):

By concentration of your attention on a single chosen object you increase your mental power.

7) Meditation (Dhyana):

When no more interruptions occur in your concentration you have reached meditation, true single mindedness.

8) The highest step, contemplation (Samadhi):

Finally you acquire true knowledge, together with the awakening of all your occult powers by the incredible power of contemplation, the technique of control over the super-consciousness.

The Raja Yoga Institute ( in Holland is the only educational facility in the world that indeed offers you the complete, traditional, and tried training to reach contemplation or control of higher consciousness. Only at a few rare places in the East this training is given as well, but in a much smaller setting. Magic Pond Yoga School is the first and so far only school outside of The Raja Yoga Institute and outside of Holland to offer this program with the great support of Ajita, the founder of The Raja Yoga Institute.

Everybody can join in the training. Only good will is required. The lessons are given at the Magic Pond Yoga School. There is a program for home exercises to go with it. You follow at your own speed, respecting your own capabilities. Ron is there to help you when you have problems or questions. You better contact him first before the lessons start, if you want to participate.

If you have questions or when things are not clear please call 
Ron at: 010-3689-1799.
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