Magic Pond Yoga



The world Yoga comes from the Sanskrit stem word “Yuj”. 

Yuj is a yoke, an appliance to keep one or two oxen in control to make them pull a plow or cart.

An ox is big animal with lots of strength. Without the yoke all this strength is useless to its owner, 

bur the yoke allows the owner to control and canalize the enormous powers of the animal and use it for his benefit.

Yoga is the tool for the practitioner to learn to control and canalize his powers and energies and focus it on his goals, 

thus becoming more efficient and less distracted to things that actually do not matter in life. 

From that moment on life starts to become fulfilling and make sense. Real happiness comes into reach.

Yoga is not a fashion product only fit for the young and slender.

Yoga is fit for everyday, no matter what age can be practiced even with physical limitations.

Since it is not a fashion show or contest for first place,We can adapt Yoga to our own wishes and abilities regardless of 

what and how our fellow students practice.In Yoga we allow ourselves to have fun and play with our abilities and limitations like 

children in the playground,not afraid of failure and always filled with joy.

That’s how we start our first steps into Yoga,our spring-board to a more fulfilling and happy life. 

I wish you be happy through Yoga. Namaste~ 

" Yoga is not a fashion product 

only fit for the young and slender​ ​"